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Latest Blogpost - New Year, New Habit!
At this time of the year the media is full of helpful (and not so helpful) advice on how to keep your new year’s resolutions. Most frequently this is about losing weight, stopping smoking or getting active. The numbers of people who subscribe to slimming clubs or join gyms always seems to peak around January. Some of us manage to keep it going into February, but then the numbers start to dwindle – either because of other distractions or because we’re not seeing immediate results.

The same can be applied to managing your staff: you may have resolved to be a better manager or supervisor, but you may not be seeing immediate changes in the way our staff respond and feel disheartened as a result. This is because you are trying to break the habits of a lifetime – and that can’t be done in just a few weeks. It will take months of repetition and reinforcement to change the behaviours you want to improve. So don’t give up. Instead break down the behaviours you are after into smaller steps and focus on those instead until they become habitual. It isn’t just your staff that you need to think about – you also need to consider whether there are any bad habits that you have acquired that might irritate your employees. After all, many New Year’s resolutions are about finding a new job and if you want to keep your staff, think about what might persuade them to stay. After all, the old adage about people joining companies, but leaving managers is often very true!
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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