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Annual leave and school holidays
Many companies have a “first come, first served” approach to granting annual leave entitlement for their employees, and often parents with school-age children will ask to have theirs granted as a priority for childcare reasons. However, it can cause issues for those who either do not have children, or whose children are no longer at school and so managers sometimes try not to grant any special approvals. But this situation has now become more difficult due to the fact that parents are no longer allowed to take their children on holiday during term time.

Up until last September (2013) some parents chose to take their children out of school for their holidays and Head Teachers used to have the authority to grant permission for parents to withdraw their children from school for up to 10 days per year for family holidays in “special circumstances.” However, the law has changed and Head Teachers can now only grant such permission in “Exceptional Circumstances.” This means that parents continuing to do this are faced with penalty notices and fines being imposed.

As a consequence parents of school-aged children can only take their leave for family holidays outside of term time. This means that employers may need to reconsider any priority rules that they have for the granting of annual leave. If you wish to discuss the implications for your business, please get in touch.
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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