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Latest Blogpost: New Year’s Resolutions: Integrating personal and business aims
It is at this time of year that people all over the world resolve to start afresh and make resolutions to get fitter; spend more time with the family; work harder; change jobs; move house etc. The list is endless, but do you do the same for your business and can you link your employees’ personal resolutions with those of your business?

For example, if you have happier and more motivated employees, they are likely to work harder and feel more satisfied with achievements at work. If you are able to help them work more effectively, they then may be able to spend more time with their families whilst still achieving good results for you. Similarly if you encourage them to take their breaks and adopt a healthier lifestyle rather than hindering them by creating an environment where it is frowned on to take a break, then they are less likely to take time off sick or to be stressed by the pressures of the work environment. In short, you are likely to make them more resilient and in turn they will be more likely to rise to the challenges you set them. This will help you make the business fitter, stronger and more successful etc.

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Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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