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Agency Worker Regulations
They may have taken a long time to agree, but the Agency Workers Regulations will be coming into force in October 2011. This means that temporary and agency workers in the UK must receive equal treatment after 12 weeks of employment. They will be entitled to the same pay as permanent workers in comparable jobs, but not to sick pay or pension rights.

These agency workers will also be entitled to the same rights as directly employed employees in relation to holidays, rest periods and working time. This includes any entitlement above the statutory minimum, so if the hirer’s own employees are entitled to 30 days’ annual leave, so too will agency workers after 12 weeks with the company.

Note however, that from their first day of work with a company, agency workers will have to be given the same opportunity as comparable directly employed workers to opportunities to find permanent employment with the company and so will have to be informed of any relevant vacancies, at least by having access to general announcements.
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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