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Will you retain your key staff?
Employees are deciding to stay in their current jobs as a result of concerns over job security, but more than a third (34%) would like to move within the next year.

The CIPD and YouGov surveyed 3,000 employees and found 24% would change sectors and 25% would consider changing their line of work altogether. The figure rises to 41% in the banking and finance sector and in the construction industry, 40% would ideally like to change jobs.

It appears that concerns over job security and the scarcity of jobs are making people re-think their career aspirations and ambitions. This will also have a big impact on trends in the labour market.

However, once job opportunities increase, dissatisfied employees will vote with their feet and leave. It is therefore important for employers not to take the loyalty of their people for granted.

If you think that you may need help to retain your current staff contact Cherington HR on 01684 594773.
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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