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Changing to Survive and Succeed
Change has become the ‘buzzword’ over the last year as the global economic downturn as unfolded. The effects have impacted on individuals and businesses alike. However, what seemed to catch people out was the speed of the change, particularly in the financial, housing and automotive sectors.

Many businesses found that their financial assumptions changed almost overnight as customers disappeared or financial facilities dried up without warning.

This has prompted panic reaction in some cases as businesses have struggled and sometimes failed to survive.

Helen Astill, Managing Director of Cherington HR believes that if businesses are to succeed in these circumstances, they are dependent on the ability of their staff to adapt.

“Employees need to understand the challenges faced by their employer and the implications of not embracing change, The willingness of staff to adopt the new order and be flexible will be a deciding factor in the race to survive,” she said.

The sort of changes that businesses may need to consider include restructuring, introducing new technology or new processes. They might also mean reviewing the sort of work that the business wishes to undertake and possible retraining.

This means that employers need to work with their employees in partnership to achieve success.

In the following articles we look at ways to help you and your staff work together on changes required to ensure the success of your business and ensure that your employees are better equipped to handle the new ways of working.
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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