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Drivers for Change
To encourage staff to adopt new processes/ systems or working arrangements, it is very important that they understand the reasons or the driver for that change fully. Just telling staff that you are introducing a new system or process without telling them why, if they haven’t experience a problem with the old way of doing things is not likely to engage them fully.

Often when this happens, if people don’t want to change, they will find ways round the new system so that it replicates the old, familiar way of doing things.

You need to ensure that the reason for change – your ‘driver’ – is much stronger than any reasons for staying with the status quo. Your staff also need to be convinced that there is a need or a degree of urgency involved – so that if they didn’t work with you on the changes you have described, the option of doing nothing would result in a worse situation for them than currently exists.

Outlining the effects that the changes you are proposing will have on them directly, will have a much greater impact than just making a statement about the improvements it will mean for the business.

If the ‘driver’ for change is very strong (e.g. it is vital for the business to continue trading,) then the employees need to be aware of the reasons to accept them. It is crucial therefore that managers are open and honest about the reasons for any changes so that staff understand that there are no ulterior motives.

Communicating with employees and allowing discussion is therefore very important and this is looked at in more detail in the articles below.
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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