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Adjusting to Change
When you introduce any potential change, particularly if it places an employee at a detriment or requires them to undertake work with which they are not as familiar, it may take some employees longer to adjust than others.

This will relate to:
* The size of the impact of the change will have on them;
* Their previous experience of change and how they coped;
* Any other personal situations that are affecting them;
* And how much support that they are receiving.

This reinforces the need to continue to communicate with staff during the change and after the new system, procedures or working arrangements have been implemented so that employees understand how their efforts are contributing to the success or survival of the business.

Getting feedback will help maintain the degree of involvement and commitment to the new arrangements.

If the changes have meant the restructuring of the workforce, remember to spend time working with the ‘survivors’ as well as those who were affected by any redundancies, particularly if they have lost work colleagues from their teams.

It will take everyone a different amount of time to adjust.
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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