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Growing Number of Employees Lying on their CVs
When comparing the six months from September 2008-March 2009 with the same period a year earlier, one background-checking company found that there was a 54% increase in lies about candidates' employment history and a 50% increase in lies about education history from people coming from the banking sector. Amongst candidates from the retail sector at least one third of CVs were found to give false references, while in retail, this was 50%.

Research carried out by the another company specialising in talent assessment, suggests that the current economic climate and the resulting competition for jobs could push candidates to bend the facts in their favour with 23% saying that tough economic times and the fact that other candidates would be exaggerating left them no choice if they were to compete for a job.

According to this survey, employers need to be aware that almost a quarter (24%) of potential job seekers are prepared to stretch the truth in securing a job whilst 15% admit they would exaggerate about their skills, qualifications and experience.

Whilst the majority of potential candidates are honest with 54% saying they would never lie or exaggerate to get a job, one in three would be persuaded if the salary made the risk worthwhile or if it was their ‘dream job’.

The research also revealed:
• Young workers aged between 18 and 24 years old were more likely to stretch the truth for a job than older workers (37% compared to 26% of 35-44 year olds)
• Potential candidates in London (20%) and Scotland (21%) were most likely to up their skills because they felt others would do so to compete for a job
• Full time students were most likely to try and fool recruiters with 39% admitting that the current economic climate and competition for jobs would make them stretch the truth.

Therefore if you are seeking to recruit external candidates, you are advised to make sure that you verify the career history information provided; take up references; and consider using competency based interviewing and psychometric and ability tests as part of the selection process.
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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