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Do You Need to Recruit?
Recruitment is time consuming and costly. Therefore before proceeding, you will want to be sure that it is the best or only solution in any particular set of circumstances. In addition to considering obvious alternatives such as redistributing tasks among other staff or issuing an internal job advert, you may also want to consider:

* Redeploying surplus staff from elsewhere in the organisation into the post;

* Using a flexible working pattern, for example part-time staff or a job-share arrangement;

* Using a contractor or agency staff, or arranging a secondment if the job may not be permanent.

* Taking on a student for a work experience year for a short-term project.

Don’t forget that you might have existing employees who would be interested in the new role - even if it doesn’t mean a promotion, so advertise internally too. This might be a good way of retaining key skills within the business and developing your staff to become more effective.

If you don’t consider your existing staff, you may risk de-motivating them, so think back to your last appraisal discussions - were there any employees who might benefit from development in a new role? Would it be easier to fill any roles that they might vacate to take up this new one?

If you do take on extra employees, their costs are not restricted to their salaries. You will also have to pay Employer’s National Insurance and you may make pension contributions or offer other benefits to your staff, so make sure that you allow for these when setting the budget for the post.
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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