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Compiling a Job Description & Person Specification
Preparing a job description and person specification will help you write an effective advertisement and will serve to inform potential candidates about the job later in the selection process.

It will also help you understand what you are looking for and what rate of pay you are prepared to offer. It should include:

* The job title and main purpose of the role along with a list of the main duties;

* The essential qualities and experience required and those that could be developed by a candidate with potential.

Coming up with an advert will then be much easier. You can extract most of the required information from the job description and person specification, but try to look at it from a candidate’s point of view.

Advertising copy should be simple, clear and concise. Aim to give no more information than is necessary for potential recruits to judge whether they might be credible candidates.

Check that the job description and resulting advert contains nothing that could be held up as discriminatory on grounds of sex, ethnic background, religion, disability, age etc. If in doubt, seek advice before you publish your advert.
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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