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Selection Techniques
You must decide whether you are going to accept CVs or send out application forms for completion. CVs may be quicker for applicants to send, but you may not get all the information you are seeking. Application forms can be designed to ask specific questions relevant to the job and they are likely to be easier to compare for short-listing purposes.

You will find it helpful to draft a clear set of criteria for short-listing and structuring the interview process. These can be drawn from the job description and person specification you defined earlier.

Acknowledge all applications on receipt and inform applicants whether they are to be invited to interview or not. Remember that you must not discriminate illegally in any part of the selection process.

Interviewing can take the form of a review of a candidate’s employment history, or more usefully you can focus on the competencies, skills and experience needed for the post. You can ask candidates to discuss examples of situations where they have demonstrated the specific competencies you are seeking.

You may wish to give the candidates a test related to the work that they would be doing. This might include numeracy, verbal reasoning or problem solving tests.

However you perform the short-listing and final selection, you must always keep records of the reasons for your decisions in case they are challenged by unsuccessful candidates.

If you use an agency to short-list applicants, never interview candidates they send you without having read and understood the contract or you could end up paying an unexpected fee.
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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