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Don’t Forget Your Own Development Needs
It is all too easy for business owners and managers to focus on the development needs of their staff and forget about their own.

If you fall into that trap, you should try to follow the same process as that described above to ensure that you continue to develop the skills and competencies that you need to manage your business and help it to continue to grow.

* What you must be able to do to run your business legally.
* What you should be able to do to manage the business more effectively.
* What you could do to meet your longer-term goals.

Your development needs will alter as the business grows to ensure that you keep ahead of your competitors. Managing change is also particularly important, so ensure that this one of your key competencies.

If you are struggling to do this for yourself, you could seek help from a business coach or an HR consultant. For more advice please get in touch with Helen Astill at or on 01684 594773.
Posted on 19 Nov 2016

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