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Breaking News - Working Mums are stressed!
This probably comes as no surprise to those of us with children, but a study conducted at Manchester University found that working mothers are on average 18% more stressed than those without children.

That figure rose to 40% in women with two children. The study looked at 11 key indicators of chronic stress levels from 6,025 participants in the UK Household Longitudinal Survey.

It found that working from home and flexitime appeared to have no effect on women's chronic stress levels, but reducing the number of hours they worked did have a positive impact. This may not be financially viable for many, but are there ways you can help the parents who work for you reduce their chronic stress levels? For example, could you remind them about their parental leave entitlement? Could you introduce term-time only contracts or allow job-shares? There may be simple things that you can do to help make your staff more productive so if you see employees struggling to cope, find out from them what you could do as an employer to help them feel less stressed whilst they are at work.
Posted on 28 Jan 2019

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