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Do your employees have Side Hustles?
A recent BBC article on the number of people with Side Hustles got me thinking. It estimated that about 25% of workers in the millennial generation have at least one additional job to their main one - something the Henley Business School has labelled as a side hustle. Whether these are just hobby businesses or just another job, it is important for employers to think about how it may affect their business.

The implications of this are huge as most employment contracts do not allow individuals to take on other employment without the written permission of the employer. This is to ensure that you know if they are working in competition with your business and/ whether they are complying with the 48 hour Working Time Regulations. There are many examples of people working in competition without the main employer necessarily knowing what is happening - although they may suspect from comments made by other employees. For example, is the garage mechanic doing work for friends at the weekend? Is the graphic designer using your equipment to do his/her own work for others? These have insurance and cost implications - never mind potentially taking business away from you.

Of course if they are working for you on zero hours contracts, you will have no means of restricting their activities as they will be free to do whatever they want, so this is one angle you need to consider when deciding what terms to offer.

If this is an issue for you and you would like to discuss the implications for your business, please get in touch.
Posted on 21 Jan 2019

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