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Has “The Doctor” seen the Future of Work? And why it is important to check references!
It isn’t often that the subject of HR features in science fiction, but those of you who watched this week’s episode of Dr Who will know that it was set in the fictional Kerblam fulfilment centre in some far-flung galaxy. The Doctor along with her regular companions tried to find out who had sent the “Help Me” message that they received with a parcel that had been delivered to them in the Tardis by a robot.

It turns out that in this futuristic environment (which didn’t seem that removed from some of the dispatch warehouses many people work in today) there had to be at least 10% of “organics” (people) in the workforce by law. The rest were robots. But one of the workers had gained employment using false details. He was on a mission to discredit the robots by killing other employees and laying the blame on the automated system to dissuade the government from increasing reliance on robots and preserving jobs for people.

I won’t spoil the plot completely, but let’s just say that I won’t be popping any more bubble wrap soon!

We were lectured at a lot during the episode about motivation, work-life balance and other HR hot topics, but the key message of this story is that unlike Kerblam’s Head of People, you should always check the references of your applicants to find out if they are who they say they are and that they do indeed have the qualifications they claim! Otherwise you could be employing someone who could cause serious harm to your business.

If you want some advice on your HR processes or any of the other issues raised here, please get in touch.
Posted on 19 Nov 2018

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