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Hot off the press – Government Announcements
The government has recently made three specific announcements that will affect employers if their intentions are enacted.

1. It has announced plans to ensure that tips left for workers will go to them in full. It has already consulted on tips, gratuities, cover and service charges with the aim of making their collection and distribution more transparent and it has said that it now proposes to introduce new legislation “at the earliest opportunity”.

2. The government has also announced that it will consider creating a duty for employers to consider whether a job can be done flexibly and make that clear when advertising. This would be a new obligation because at present it is only a requirement to consider a request from an employee who has continuous service of at least 26 weeks’ with their employer.

3. It is also going to consult on whether to require employers with more than 250 staff to publish their parental leave and pay policies, so job applicants can make informed decisions about whether they can combine the role with caring for their family. There are of course the statutory rights which apply to employees with the appropriate level of service and pay, but this announcement will assist those considering working for employers who may grant maternity/ paternity / adoption leave and pay above the statutory minimum.

So watch this space and more details will be provided when they are published.
Posted on 22 Oct 2018

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