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New Blogpost: Is HR ethical?
I attended a workshop recently about ethics in HR. It seems that there is a school of thought that HR can’t be ethical because of the sorts of decisions that it deals with – redundancies, dismissals etc. and in particular with regards to the way a few business owners and managers treat their employees. Indeed, the news is often filled with stories of how many times a year ambulances are called to a particular workplace because ill staff are frightened to take a day off sick – or the way it seems that some companies use legal loopholes to engage staff in a way that minimise their costs and liabilities. Telling them that they are self-employed and depriving them of the rights normally associated with being a worker or an employee is not uncommon.

However, I disagree. There is another way…

I believe that HR practices can be employed in an ethical manner. It is up to the HR manager/ adviser to stand up for what is best for the business. Treating employees poorly or unfairly is not in a company’s best interest. It requires more management time and ultimately potential costs in a tribunal – never mind the problem getting staff to work for you. If you have a poor reputation for the way you treat staff, you may find it more difficult to get the people you need to work for you and it becomes a vicious circle. So stop and think about how you can make your staff want to do a good job for you and it takes away a lot of the aggro associated with managing staff.

So if you want an HR adviser who will help you get the best out of your people and make your business more productive or simply want to discuss your HR issues, get in touch today.
Posted on 17 Oct 2018

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