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Latest Blogpost: BYOD - What is it and why should you be concerned?
I was recently approached by a client concerned that an employee had been accessing his emails whilst he was away on holiday. She couldn’t work out how he had done this as he did not have a laptop or a company phone. However, it transpired that he had simply added his work email account so that it could be accessed on his personal phone.

There were three things that concerned us about this: firstly, that the employee should not have been working whilst on holiday from a working time regulations and a staff welfare perspective; secondly this had the potential to introduce unchecked viruses into the company IT systems; and thirdly it breached their data protection policy, so could result in large fines if data were lost as a consequence.

It was not something that the company had even thought about until I explained the hazards associated with what is commonly known as BYOD – or “Bring Your Own Device.”

Allowing employees to interact with company systems on their own phones or tablets is, as any IT specialist will tell you, is fraught with danger. You need to have control over the system with virus checkers and firewalls in place and have the ability to shut down access remotely when an employee leaves your business. Putting those solutions onto an employee’s phone can be difficult. It may seem like a cheap option to allow employees to use their own phones for business purposes, but it is an extremely risky way of dealing with business communications.

I therefore always advise clients to ensure that those employees who need to make business calls via mobile phones and/or need to access company data remotely to provide a business phone or tablet as appropriate. Then you can make sure that it is suitably protected and that you have greater control over your data and your employees. It is a much cheaper and safer option in the long run and will help you sleep more easily at night!
Posted on 20 Aug 2018

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