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Latest Blogpost: Planning a Holiday? Don’t follow Ryanair’s Example!
Holidays can be a minefield for employers at the best of times. You’ll have seen that there are complications with regards to how much you pay someone after all the court cases arguing that overtime, commission and regular bonuses should all be factored into the rate of holiday pay so that the employee is paid at their “normal” rate when they go on holiday.

There have even been cases relating to the so called “gig” economy to decide whether an individual is an employee; a worker; or is in fact genuinely self-employed. The only ones who do not get paid holiday are the self-employed, so it is quite important to the courier and taxi firms that they get rulings in their favour. So far they have been unlucky and it will be interesting to see the outcome of Uber’s latest appeal.

But the most recent fiasco relating to annual leave seems to be Ryanair’s attempts to change its holiday year. In doing so it has caused chaos for passengers because the staff now have to take their leave in a shorter period of time. There seems to have been little planning or forethought involved.

There are commentators who have said that this has been compounded by the fact that lots of pilots have been leaving for rival airlines and so they have a shortage of staff. Even if that is the case, then not planning to smooth a big change like this over a longer period of time (or starting earlier) so that staff could plan their leave without leaving huge holes in the rosters, should have been possible. The disruption caused to the business and the huge financial losses involved with the thousands of flight cancellations is bad for business. Passengers are now going to think twice before booking with them, so the reputational damage is immense.

The only light I see at the end of the tunnel for them is the demise of Monarch Airlines because now there is a large group of pilots looking for jobs who do not need to work their notice, so Ryanair may be able to reduce the number of flight cancellations over the next few months.

If you want to make some big changes to your business – whether that is changing the holiday year or something else that will have a big impact on the level of service you can deliver and need help to plan it, please get in touch for some practical HR advice.
Posted on 02 Oct 2017

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