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Latest Blogpost: Why do we need HR?
I’ve recently been asked to help some start-up companies with their HR support and this got me thinking about how I can add value to their fledgling businesses. When people start up new ventures it is usually because they are passionate about the new “widget” they want to manufacture or the service they want to deliver and either want to do things in a different or better way to competing businesses.

Unless you are setting up an employment agency, people do not normally go into business with the sole aim of employing others – that is just a consequence of needing people to make your business function. When starting out you will be told that you need an accountant and possibly H&S and IT support – but often that’s where it stops. I often hear that people say, “I don’t need HR advice; I’m a person, I understand people and in any case I can always find the answers I need on the internet. How difficult can it be?” That’s when the trouble starts…

The old adage that a company’s employees are its biggest asset is true up to a point. But you need to know how to motivate, reward and respect them and ensure that you are not breaking any employment legislation. It is also true that with enough time you can research a lot of this on the internet – but it is not always clear whether the sites you find are entirely up-to-date (or indeed relate to the specific country you are in – remember that some employment legislation is different in Northern Ireland and Scotland to that in other parts of the UK). Employment law also changes on a frequent basis and as well as changes to primary legislation, will alter depending on the case law generated by Employment Appeal Tribunal cases and those from higher courts. Just reading the dramatic headline from a newspaper will not give you the full facts or indeed explain whether or not they relate to your specific situation.

Prevention is better than cure
If you’re setting up a new business – or indeed running an established one, you will have a lot to do. Making sure that you’re handling a people management issue legally can be complex and incredibly time-consuming. So putting robust processes in place to start with to give you a firm foundation will take away those concerns. Having someone to give friendly support and advice as and when you need it will help you sleep more easily at night and allow you to focus on developing and growing your business. Otherwise the cost of getting it wrong could result in tribunal awards so great that it could close your business and ruin your dream. So investing in some modest HR support is the best advice I can give you!

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Posted on 09 May 2017

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