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Latest Blogpost: Making heavy weather of people management
Some of my clients will know that I enjoy sailing, although haven’t been doing this for very long. So recently I went on a heavy weather sailing course to learn more about being prepared for, and dealing with difficult conditions.

It got me thinking about the way in which business owners need to prepare for difficult situations and the same principles apply – namely that you keep a watch out for potential storms brewing (particularly when they are caused by, or will affect staff) before you set out and make decisions based on the information you have. If it doesn’t look right then you check it with information from different sources. One weather forecast is generally not enough! You may also have to use different tools, to those you regularly apply. In sailing, you might need to put up a storm jib – but with people you may need to use different processes and procedures to the ones you use when dealing with more routine matters.

Employers need to ensure that they have the necessary resources and advice to start on their course of action so that they are confident of getting to their destination without any serious mishaps. With people, that means have the right advice and expertise on hand to proceed and to be able to judge situations as they develop. With sailing, it may be that if conditions change, you have to return to port. With people, you may need to change your course of action if new information comes to light – for example with disciplinary, grievance or redundancy cases.

So if you need help steering your business through some stormy waters, please get in touch to discuss your situation.
Posted on 08 Feb 2017

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