Updating Employee Records - There's no time like the present

It is a sad fact of life at the moment that some businesses are are losing members of staff.  Whether that is directly caused by Covid-19 or through other illnesses or accidents, the result is the same - you need to know who their next of kin is and/ or their emergency contact. And this doesn't always happen to other businesses.

I have unfortunately had to deal with several cases of death in service over the years I've worked in HR, and putting aside the emotional difficulties, there are always lots of practical things that need to be sorted - whether that is calculating final pay due, outstanding annual leave (and no, you don't need to issue a P45), return of personal property or sending of a condolences card, you need to have accurate contact information. So are all your employees' details up-to-date?  If not, now would be a good time to make sure that they are all reviewed.
Posted on 21 Apr 2020

Pension Auto Re-enrolment warning for all employers

We’ve all been rather preoccupied with Covid-19, the CJRS/ Furlough rules and the challenges of being productive whilst working from home. However, as an employer it is really important that you don’t lose sight of the other business-critical actions that you need to take such as submitting your annual return to Companies House; making sure your insurance cover doesn’t lapse; and complying with your pension auto-enrolment duties.

You may have thought that having set up your scheme and sent the information to employees that you’ve got it covered and can forget about it. However, whether you have staff to put back into your scheme or not, every three years you must complete a re-declaration of compliance to show that you have met your duties. Re-enrolment and re-declaration are legal duties and if you don’t act you could be fined.
Posted on 21 Apr 2020

Covid-19: A Serious and Imminent Danger

I have had lots of clients ask for advice about the personal situations of specific employees who because of their medical conditions or those of the family members they live with are frightened to come to work (in businesses that are undertaking key activities and where it is not possible to work from home). So how liable is your business to a tribunal claim if you insist that they come to work?
Posted on 18 Apr 2020

Holidays – Update!

Up until now the government has been entirely silent on whether taking leave during furlough breaks that period of furlough and if it is indeed allowed. Or whether it was completely contrary to the purpose of annual leave – i.e. a break from work for rest and recuperation purposes (the question being can you actually have a break from work if you’re not actually working?)

Anyone asking questions of government departments on the matter has been passed to different departments and then back to the one they started with. It seemed that no one knew the answer, until now…
Posted on 18 Apr 2020

Extension of Furlough Scheme

With the extension of the Lockdown period for at least another three weeks announced on the 16th April 2020, businesses are going to have to continue operating in their current mode for a while longer. Whilst this was not unexpected, it has come as a blow to those who were hoping for a gradual return to “normal”.

Then on Friday (17th April) we had an announcement that the Furlough scheme (CJRS) itself is being extended.
Posted on 18 Apr 2020
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