Don’t want to give a reference? You may have to.

New legislation is being proposed that could prevent employers from withholding references for former employees, in a move designed to protect individuals who have faced discrimination or harassment from being intimidated.
Posted on 01 Nov 2019

Changing a job title can have unintended consequences

Have you ever thought that changing a job title is little more than a cosmetic amendment? Sometimes that’s the case, but the title and where the post sits in a structure can be very important to some employees. Changing it without consultation and agreement can lead to trouble.
Posted on 01 Nov 2019

Remember, Remember the 5th November...

Well 31st October came and went and Brexit hasn't happened (again).  Parliament is being Dissolved on 5th November for yet another General Election next month as we enter a period of intense campaigning by all the political parties.  Whatever your views on whether the UK should leave the EU or not, it is clear that this not-knowing what is going to happen, is causing planning problems for businesses around the country. 
Posted on 01 Nov 2019

SSP for all - could your business afford it?

The TUC is calling for the minimum earnings threshold for statutory sick pay to be scrapped. This is because 1.4 million women (compared to 600,000 men) earn under the threshold of £118 per week (i.e. they work fewer than 15 hours pw at the NMW rate) and therefore get no pay at all if they are off sick. If this came into effect, how would it affect your business?
Posted on 07 Oct 2019

Vegetarian or Vegan: Does it make a difference for employment purposes?

It might! There has been a recent case that looked at whether vegetarianism was a protected belief under the Equality Act. Although it is only a Tribunal Case and therefore not binding on other cases, the Conisbee v Crossley Farms Ltd. case is quite interesting.
Posted on 07 Oct 2019
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