Redundancy Protection for New Mothers to be extended?

According to research by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, one in 20 women are made redundant while pregnant or on maternity leave. It found one in 10 were treated worse by their employer after returning to work having had a baby, while one in five experienced harassment or negative comments from colleagues or managers. So to deal with this problem, Maria Miller, the chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee has introduced the Pregnancy and Maternity (Redundancy Protection) Bill, which is intended to prohibit employers from being able to make a woman redundant from the point that she notifies them she is pregnant until six months after the end of her maternity leave.
Posted on 03 Jul 2019

More time off for carers?

The UK Equalities Minister, Penny Mordaunt, is planning to introduce an entitlement for carers to have a statutory right to unpaid leave with longer-term prospects to turn that into paid time off.

Current figures show that a quarter of women workers and one in eight male employees look after physically or mentally ill relatives and are reliant on the goodwill of bosses to juggle competing demands. This month Ms Mordaunt is unveiling a, Roadmap for Change as part of a plan to improve gender equality.
Posted on 03 Jul 2019

Increasing a Disciplinary Sanction on Appeal is not allowed

A Royal Mail employee who was allegedly found storing “obscene material” on his online work account has been awarded over £53k for unfair dismissal.

The employee, an operational support manager, was dismissed for gross misconduct for both the alleged content and for sharing the password to his account. An internal appeal then ruled the misuse of password alone was justification enough for his dismissal, a penalty more severe than the original disciplinary decision.
Posted on 03 Jul 2019

Watching the Clock

The European Court of Justice (EJC) has ruled that employers must take steps to make sure their staff are not exceeding the 48-hour maximum working week and are taking adequate rest breaks – and this means recording the actual working hours of all employees, not just of those who have opted out of the 48-hour working week.
Posted on 03 Jul 2019

Neurodiversity – New Resource from Acas

Neurodiversity is a term that covers the variety of different ways the brain works and processes information, and includes spectrum disorders such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and others. These disorders can produce challenges for individuals and their employers, but also bring strengths to a business if harnessed in the right way.

But recent research by Willis Towers Watson suggests that a third of businesses are failing to support employees with such conditions. Failure to do so, where individuals are affected sufficiently for them to be considered disabled under the Equality Act, could lead to expensive tribunal claims on the grounds of discrimination.
Posted on 03 Jul 2019
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