Feeling Harassed?

If you have dismissed inappropriate language as just “banter” in the workplace or not taken complaints about harassment by your female employees seriously, you need to be aware that a new and free legal advice line has been launched to support women experiencing sexual harassment at work, with actor Emma Watson urging women to understand their rights to create safer workplaces for all. This may result in an increase in the number of grievances raised by employees.
Posted on 06 Aug 2019

Can you dismiss an employee for covertly recording meetings?

It depends!

In a recent case against her unfair dismissal from a charity on the grounds of breakdown of her working relationship with the Finance Director, Ms Stockman, a payroll officer, disclosed that she had made a covert recording of a meeting during her employment. She won her case, but had her award reduced by 10% because she had made the recording without permission.
Posted on 06 Aug 2019

How robust are your non-competition clauses?

Those of you who have asked for competition clauses for senior members of staff will know that I usually caution against about not drafting them too widely or they may be seen as a restraint of trade and render the rest of the clause unenforceable. However, the Supreme Court has significantly recently overturned a century-old principle.
Posted on 05 Aug 2019

Attempts to increase paid paternity leave up to 12 weeks

As part of her plans for a lasting legacy before leaving office, it is reported that Prime Minister Theresa May is believed to be attempting to deliver 12 weeks paid paternity leave for new fathers.
Posted on 03 Jul 2019

Equality and Shared Parental Leave Pay

The Court of Appeal has ruled that it is not discriminatory for employers to enhance maternity pay while only offering statutory pay to workers on shared parental leave (SPL).

There have been a couple of ongoing cases by two fathers against their respective employers, Capita the Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police and the two were heard together by the Court of Appeal.
Posted on 03 Jul 2019
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