Landmark Case: Hiding the real reason for a dismissal may make it unfair

The Supreme Court has ruled that a Royal Mail employee was unfairly dismissed for “blowing the whistle”, not for the alleged poor performance – based on false information – that the company’s HR department suggested was the reason for her dismissal.

The landmark judgment extends the scope of whistle-blower protection and suggests that employers will need to ensure they have the complete information before dismissing an employee.
Posted on 09 Jan 2020

Ethical Veganism – What do I need to do?

You have probably seen the widely reported Tribunal case that concluded that Ethical Veganism has been found to be a protected characteristic under Equality Act of 2010. Don’t believe everything you see or hear in the media because they haven’t explained the context of the finding, even though some experts appear to be trying to panic employers into rewriting their policies.
Posted on 09 Jan 2020

Fed Up with “Reggie Perrin” excuses for staff late arrival?

Transport secretary Grant Shapps said in December that the government would be introducing a Bill to provide a “basic right to get to work each day”. The Bill that the government is proposing will enshrine in law minimum service levels on key transport services, such as buses and trains. This will mean employees will still be able to travel to work on public transport during industrial action. But before you get too excited about this...
Posted on 09 Jan 2020

Campaign for women's ‘right to know’ on pay

You may have read in the press that there is a campaign being run by a gender equality charity, The Fawcett Society, to make a change in the law to try to cut down on instances of unequal pay. They believe that women should have the right to know what their male colleagues are being paid if they suspect pay discrimination. Would that worry you?
Posted on 29 Nov 2019

How much leave can someone carry forward if they are too sick to take it?

This is often a question I am asked, but if I have drafted your written statement of employment templates, you will see that I restrict this to 4 weeks should an individual be unable to take any of their leave in the year due to sickness. However, there has been a recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) case asking just this question.
Posted on 29 Nov 2019
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