Furlough with a twist - start planning now

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on the 10th May that the message was changing from "Stay at Home" to "Stay Alert" and the guidance that was published the following day, the Chancellor announced on the 12th May that the furlough scheme was being extended further.

He told MPs that the scheme would be extended further until the end of October. However, the scheme would change from the end of July to allow employees who are furloughed to work part time with the cost being shared by the employer. The details are still lacking, but Rishi Sunak has said that more information will be provided on the changes by the end of May.
Posted on 13 May 2020

Covid-19 What next?

We have now heard what the Prime Minister said on 10th May about the next steps and the challenges ahead in his address to the nation and the document entitled “Our Plan to Rebuild: The UK Government’s Covid-19 recovery Strategy that was published the following afternoon.

In it they have acknowledged that it is not a short-term crisis and that the country cannot afford to make drastic changes to its current lockdown approach. But they understand the need to get the economy moving again to address the financial, physical and mental health of the UK’s citizens. But Boris’ statement has caused some confusion for furloughed staff thinking that they must return to work immediately. So, what does it really mean for employers?
Posted on 11 May 2020

Pregnancy discrimination – still rife

It never ceases to amaze me how people continue to discriminate so brazenly against those with a protected characteristic. In this particular case a law firm dismissed an employee for being off for two days (which were pregnancy-related) saying that she was unreliable! She had only worked for them for one week, but they have lost a tribunal case and been ordered to pay her over £23k.
Posted on 10 May 2020

Is redundancy the only option for you?

If you find that despite being able to furlough staff or make other financial adjustments to your business mean that you do not anticipate being able to restart your business fully, you may have to contemplate making some or all of your staff redundant. Depending on the number of posts you think you may need to lose, the process and your obligations will be different. If you have 20 or more posts that will need to go, then you will need to enter into collective redundancy consultation with elected staff representatives. But if your staff are furloughed will this count as work?
Posted on 10 May 2020

Managing flexible expectations

A recent survey conducted by O2, ICM and YouGov found that 45% of workers are expecting to be able to work more flexibly when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. Is that going to be possible for your business or are staff going to be disappointed?
Posted on 10 May 2020
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