Job Support Scheme (JSS) to Replace Furlough in November

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that once the Furlough Scheme finishes at the end of October, there will be a new support scheme for businesses who are able to trade and keep their employees in work for at least 1/3 of their normal hours.

The government has said that it will subsidise some of the payment to employees for time not worked, but the employer will have to contribute too, and the scheme will run for six months. However, employers will not be able to issue to redundancy notices to those workers on the scheme.
Posted on 24 Sep 2020

All change – yet more Covid-19 adjustments affecting businesses

On the 22nd September the government announced additional measures in England to try to halt the second wave of Covid-19 infections that have hit the country. This will impact on your staff in various ways including the wearing of face-coverings and for some, and for others a return to working from home (although this is not an instruction, just an, “if it isn’t possible you can carry on as you are” message.)

This new announcement has caused a lot of confusion for many businesses who had made significant changes to their businesses (at great expense) and were well into getting staff back into work. The government has made it clear that it expects these restrictions to last at least six months. So, what are the changes?
Posted on 24 Sep 2020

Will we all be working from home permanently?

Significant numbers of employees have been working from home since the government announced the Covid-19 lockdown in March this year. At the beginning of August employees were told that if possible they should start to return to work, leaving many anxious about this move. However, just a few weeks later, following the surge in the number of infections, it has now been superseded by advice from government to, “work from home if you can.” So where does this leave employers, particularly with recent reports that up to two thirds of office workers had returned to their normal place of work?
Posted on 22 Sep 2020

To pay or not to pay? And how much?

The UK may be on the edge of a second coronavirus wave and more restrictions are being considered. Local lockdowns are in place in several areas and the ‘rule of six’ for social gatherings was introduced last month.

It is therefore no surprise that employers are confused about some of the rules that are in force about what to pay an employee who is off due to Covid-19.
Posted on 18 Sep 2020

Review Remaining Leave Entitlements Now

Business owners and managers are finding that some staff have not taken much leave at all so far this year because of the lockdown – or conversely because the business has been in the key worker sector, they haven’t had the opportunity to take time off.

Those businesses whose leave year matches the calendar year, now need to start looking at how much leave each employee has left. Because we are out of the summer holiday season, people may not feel inclined to want time off – or may be worried that if they try to go abroad they may get caught by last-minute changes in quarantine rules. So, what can you do to manage this?
Posted on 18 Sep 2020
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